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Last execution
Dismantling of a dome made from prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, damaged by an explosion at the digester tank.

O firmie

Our company has been acting on the Polish engineering and construction market since 1994. The main seat of Zakład Recyklingu Kamienia i Betonu Odpadowego “Rekabet” Sp. z o.o. [Waste Concrete and Stone Recycling Plant] is located in Teolin, Nowosolna commune, near the planned intersection of the A1 and A2 motorways. The centre of the city of Łódź is located 15 km from the Plant, while the centre of the city of Warsaw - 120 km. Our company office is located at Wrocławska street, in the centre of Łódź, near the Manufaktura shopping centre.

An area of four hectares includes our stationary Plant accepting the following construction wastes: concrete and brick debris, asphaltic concrete, reinforced concrete, waste deriving from road renovations and demolitions. Using our specialist crushing and sorting line, we process the wastes into aggregate intended for sale for a price 50% lower than natural aggregate.

O firmie

Our company acts in accordance with the principle of recycling, ecology and the modern demolition technologies and, most importantly, possesses the Environmental Protection permits necessary for conducting this activity:

   Decision allowing Zakład Recyklingu Kamienia i Betonu Odpadowego “Rekabet” Sp. z o.o to conduct activities in the scope of processing construction wastes, i.e. crushing of concrete, debris, etc., issued by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Provincial Office in Łódź.

   Decision of the Provincial Sanitary Inspector in Łódź for storage of construction wastes intended for recycling in a technological process.

   Decision of the Poviat Starosty in Łódź allowing Zakład Recyklingu Kamienia i Betonu Odpadowego “Rekabet” Sp. z o.o. to generate and store construction wastes intended for later recycling at the plant in Teolin, Nowosolna commune.